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A Normal Life…

I recently read an article in which a Diabetic recalled being told at the time he was diagnosed that he would be able to “live a normal life.”

A normal life…

I do normal things. I go to work five days each week. I take showers and crochet. I walk my dogs. I chat with my sister on Facebook. But other than diabetes management being something that I have to do every day, it is not normal. Normal isn’t always normal just because it becomes regular or comfortable or predictable. There is nothing “normal” about a diabetic life. It will never feel normal to go to bed each night knowing that your blood glucose could dump in your sleep, send you into a diabetic coma, and never let you wake again. There is nothing normal about having to bleed, inject, log, and measure every day. But we all do it. There is nothing normal about having to run home on a break to inject a new sensor for the week or having to set aside 10-15% of my income to cover the cost of diabetes copays.

So, let’s stop trying to lead normal lives. Let’s embrace the difference. Let’s allow everyone to see how incredibly amazing we all are just for being able to not die from this disease every day. We are Diabetics. We are not normal. We are unbelievably strong. We can complete complicated mathematical formulas in seconds just to eat a meal. We are all endocrinologists, dietitians, counselors, and diabetes experts. We know how to adjust dosages, how to recognize and treat hypo- and hyperglycemia, and how to pick ourselves up off our rear-ends and run back out into the world without anyone even noticing that we nearly just died because our blood sugar dropped 100 points in 20 minutes and we were dizzy and swaying and so close to passing out that we considered in those moments the frailty of our existence.

We are not normal. We are the epitome of amazing.

Love and light.


Diabetes Resources on Facebook

With so many people using facebook on a daily (and sometimes hourly) basis, I though it would be a good idea to list a few good FB pages that have info for Diabetics. Here they are:

Letter To A Diabetic (yup, this one is mine – please like and share)

American Diabetes Association

Diabetic Connect

Diabetes – Sweet & Simple

If you have found others that you think would make a good addition to the list, please include the link in the comment section below. 







Do You Have A Broccoli Obsession?

One of my favorite places to eat (as a Diabetic) is California Fresh (formerly Fresh Choice). I’m a produce junkie and even though their fruit selection and quality usually suck, the salad selection is usually pretty good at the location I go to. One of my favorite side dishes is something called Broccoli Obsession. I attempted to duplicate it at home and got it right off the bat. 🙂 Yay me.









1 bunch broccoli florets

1/4 C raisins

1/4 – 1/2 C red diced onion (how much you use depends on how much you like onion)

1 T roasted sunflower seens

1/4 C shaved carrot

coleslaw dressing to taste (I ought a store ready dressing but I’m sure making your own would make this even better)

Mix it all together in a big bowl. Letting it chill over night will allow the flavors to mix together but eating it right away is good, too.


I Got A Good Laugh Out Of This…

Diabetes Terms of Endearment

A spoonful of sugar…

Sometimes, when you have a progressive disease, you just gotta laugh.

Pump It Up! (Me and my new little friend)

Yesterday, the Omnipod, my new insulin pump, was attached and activated for the first time. Already I am impressed with this little bugger. It has a built-in glucometer (which uses Freestyle test strips), automatically calculates insulin-on-board, suggests bolus amounts considering IOB, BGL, carb count, and time of day once ratios/schedules are inputted. It keeps a 90 day history of all BG readings, holds up to 200 units of insulin, and is completely customizable. The company sets you up with a trainer to teach you how to use it and help you activate it correctly. Activation is user friendly and, at least where I attached it on my arm, completely painless. I highly recommend checking into it to any IDD’s out there. For the first time since I was diagnosed LADA, I didn’t have to give myself a shot today.

Check out the Omnipod today!


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