I Can Taste the Earth, and it’s Delicious.

by mratner

I love this. People often question me about my diet and want to know why I eat “so healthy.” They usually assume that it is for medical and health reasons. They are often surprised to hear that I actually like vegetables and fruits over junk food. Next time someone asks why I eat the way I do, I am going to tell them that the Earth tastes wonderful.

Dorian's Hand


Daddy is our cook, and last night he made a yummy veggie stew with tomatoes, leeks, carrots, asparagus, squash, zucchini, barley, and herbs. It was so, so good in my belly that I couldn’t wait for the new bite while I was eating the one in my mouth. I wanted it to get in my belly faster than I could even swallow it.

Because it cooked for a long time, it was soft and it melted together when you ate it. That’s how stew is, Daddy says. It cooks for a while, and all of the flavors come together in a way that makes it all taste yummy and slide right down into your belly. It makes you warm and cozy, and since it is cold outside here, that is perfect to make you feel sleepy and happy.

Before the food melts together though, it goes into the big strainer…

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