About 3 Words Blog Event

by mratner

I came across this blog event, 20130905: day 248, and I thought to myself that surely I could keep to my mission of providing helpful info for diabetics and still follow the event rules. The words in bold are my “3 words”.  Check out the blog before you keep reading so you know what’s going on. Here we go.


Cut off from the rest of the world in an invisible bubble called diabetes, I perused the internet, newspapers, text books, and medical journals. There had to be a cure. There needed to be a cure. I searched for news of a cure but found none. I grew desperate and panicky. I was shocked, angry, indignant, and finally, burned out. I had no choice but to resign myself to the permanence of diabetes. I cried. I screamed. From what I had read, diabetes is associated with a notably shorter life expectancy. I was afraid.

After what seemed an eternity, my eyes dried. I stood up and looked toward the skies. I screamed at the heavens, “This won’t destroy me! I WILL survive this!” And I do. I do everyday. Diabetes hasn’t destroyed me. It hasn’t done much other than slow me down a bit and taught me to take very special care of my body and mind. What I thought was a curse has turned out to be a great blessing in so many ways. Sure, I would rid myself of it if I could. But I cannot. And so, I embrace it. I accept it as a part of who I am and use this blessed cursed as a means to help others. I found empowerment and I want you to have it, too.