Where Has The Summer Gone?

by mratner

It’s been waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy too long since I have posted and so here we go again. And to start again, I wanted to share a tea recipe that I just created that is perfect for the impending holiday season and, as tea, is not a carb issue (though it does have caffeine so be wary if that makes your BGL spike).



8 parts black tea of choice – I used English Breakfast
1 part dried orange peel
1 part dried whole cloves
2 parts crushed cinnamon
2 parts whole allspice

Put it in a container that will keep it dry and out of the sun (I used an empty tea tin) and shake to mix everything up. Tah-dah…you have a tasty tea blend with the most prominent flavor being cinnamon but everything blends together and comes through nicely.