by mratner

Oh, Diabetes. If you were a person, I’d wipe the floor with you. I’d kick your ass from here to Sunday. I’d make you feel as horrible as you make others feel. You’re a mean, opportunistic son-of-a-bitch and the world would be a better place without you. And yet, because of you, I am more motivated to check things off of my bucket list. Because of you, my ass looks great in size 8 jeans. Because of you, I am stronger, smarter, and more determined. Because of you, I have an excuse out of any situation I don’t want to be in (sneaky, sneaky). Because of you, I know what matters in my life. So I guess I have to find a place where I am okay with you being intertwined in my life, with me at all times, shadowing everything I do, and constantly challenging me. But make no mistake, if I could, I’d sucker punch your ass in a second.