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Month: May, 2013

Diabetic Teen Sitters for Diabetic Children – This Is AWESOME!!!

Check out the video here.

Visit the Safe Sittings website and learn more here.



Oh, Diabetes. If you were a person, I’d wipe the floor with you. I’d kick your ass from here to Sunday. I’d make you feel as horrible as you make others feel. You’re a mean, opportunistic son-of-a-bitch and the world would be a better place without you. And yet, because of you, I am more motivated to check things off of my bucket list. Because of you, my ass looks great in size 8 jeans. Because of you, I am stronger, smarter, and more determined. Because of you, I have an excuse out of any situation I don’t want to be in (sneaky, sneaky). Because of you, I know what matters in my life. So I guess I have to find a place where I am okay with you being intertwined in my life, with me at all times, shadowing everything I do, and constantly challenging me. But make no mistake, if I could, I’d sucker punch your ass in a second.



What Is It Like To Not Have Diabetes?

Watch it. Really watch it, and try to imagine it’s you. And if it is you, I understand, and you’re not alone. I think these things everyday. Except that I do remember “before diabetes”. Will I ever get to that place where I don’t?

Watch the video here.

Stevia as a Sugar Replacer – Uses and Side Effects

Diabetes: Some developing research suggests that some of the chemicals contained in stevia might lower blood sugar levels and could interfere with blood sugar control. However, other research disagrees. If you have diabetes and take stevia or any of the sweeteners it contains, monitor your blood sugar closely and report your findings to your healthcare provider.”

Read more here.

Living Healthy With Diabetes For 85 Years!

Bob Krause – 90 year old type 1 diabetic

Bob Krause
Name: Bob Krause
Age: 90

On Sunday 29th May 2011 Bob Krause celebrated his 90th birthday. The amazing thing is that he’s spent 85 years of his life living with type 1 diabetes.


Read the article here.

be happy

YEEESSSSS!!!! (Or, It Finally Happened)

No, it isn’t a cure for diabetes (I wish it were). It’s the next best thing. After having this nasty-ass disease for almost two years, I am finally, on paper, in near perfect health. Going by my lab results, I am low risk for diabetes. Not diabetic. At risk for it. Now, make no mistake. I HAVE DIABETES! But I have managed to maintain it well enough and take care of myself to the point that on paper, there is nothing diagnostic. And that’s a damn good feeling!

No high cholesterol, no early indication of kidney problems, no over-elevated a1c (6.0%!). I’ve lost half of the weight that snuck back on me since last fall, and I fit comfortably into my size 8 pants. :o)

In case you are reading and you’re all, that’s great, but how? The answer is









…and insulin.



I eat a very healthy, produce heavy diet. I exercise at least every other day. I get lots of water and a full night’s sleep every night. No exceptions! Diabetes is an opportunistic disease that is just waiting for you to let your guard down so that it can get ya. Sneaky bastard. I always say that diabetes may get me in the end but it won’t be because I didn’t do everything I could to prevent it. I will never look back and think, “I should have…”.

Diabetes and Hoop Dance. Take Control of YOUR Diabetes! – article

Hoop Dancers Headline Health Message

Tonto Apache Health Fair seeks to combat diabetes with education

By Michele Nelson

“The hoop dancers will engage with the crowd to show how to integrate a different form of exercise into a diabetes management routine,” said Stouder. See more here.




Photo is of Allisone Light. She’s a gifted hoop dance  instructor in the Sacramento area.



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