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Month: April, 2013

Sugar-Free Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe

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Diabetes Training Camp in Pennsylvania

“Dr. Matthew Corcoran, founder and medical director of the week-long training experience, takes a few minutes to show us around and discuss the benefits of camp for grownups.”

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Diabetes and Depression Article


Nov. 22, 2010 — Depression and diabetes may be linked, according to new research in the Archives of Internal Medicine.

“People usually think of these as two isolated conditions, but there is growing evidence that they are linked behaviorally and biologically,” says study researcher Frank Hu, MD, PhD, MPH, professor of nutrition and epidemiology at the Harvard School of Public Health in Boston. “This data provide strong evidence that we should not consider these two isolated conditions any longer.”

About 23.5 million Americans have diabetes, and about 14.8 million Americans have major depressive disorder in a given year, according to statistics in the new report.

Of the 65,381 women aged 50 to 75 in 1996 who were study participants, 2,844 women were newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes and 7,415 women developed depression in the ensuing 10 years.

Depression and Diabetes Risk

Depression increased the risk for diabetes…

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This Is Rocky, My Diabetic Dog

You can read a short version of his story here. If you find that it touches you in some way, please be so kind as to share it with others via the facebook, twitter, etc buttons on the page. You can also learn more about dogs and diabetes here.





Rocky is a chihuahua mix. He’s all leg and gets around by smell a lot because his diabetes induced cataracts keep him from seeing clearly most of the time. When he moves around, it looks something like what I imagine a werewolf on all fours looks like. But it would seem that he is actually mixed with whippet. Not at exciting as werewolf, but a lot easier to care for without needing fresh hearts for him to feed on. ;o)

Days Like Today (just ain’t no good)

Some days I feel empowered. Other days, like today, I want to stop living. Every day, every fucking day, something hurts, or I’m sick, or my blood sugar is out of control, or a medication is off, or the kid is tantruming, or something. Days like today there’s no quality of life. And I feel like I struggle to lift myself up, work my ass off to be as healthy as I can, just to barely make it through the day. There’s no waking up feeling refreshed or rested. There’s no end to managing this disgusting disease. I can’t nod off and take a nap without setting my alarm to check my blood sugar. I’m chained to disease, like many of you are. And I can’t seem to come to terms with that on days like this. Doc is little to no help. Our health care system is ass-backwards so I, like so many others, am stuck being my own doctor, advocating for myself, saving myself, struggling just to get a needed medication to the right damn pharmacy. Why am I five grand in the whole for diabetes supplies and medications? Why does my new husband have to pay a thousand dollars a month just so that I don’t die? The whole system is jacked. And on days like today, I want to drive my car the wrong way down the freeway at full speed and leave the rest to fate. Live or die, what’s the difference when you’re stuck in survival mode? Ah, hell. I know I’m not the only one to feel this way. Shit, not even one of a few. So many people are so miserable. But we’re all so busy trying to survive that we don’t notice and don’t have the resources to help out another human being. Of life, why don’t you just kiss my ass today. Tomorrow, maybe I’ll feel differently.

Gotta Love This Little Girl

Check out this link for the video!


She won’t let Type 1 Diabetes get the better of her!



Jun 27, 2012

EmaxHealth Health News


By Kathleen Blanchard RN for EmaxHealth.com


Researchers are trying to uncover why some people who are obese don’t develop diseases like type 2 diabetes. There may be a ‘healthy’ obesity gene that protects some people from inflammation normally associated with being overweight. Scientists believe they could find a new way to treat diabetes and other chronic health problems if they can understand what happens when the gene is activated.


Enzyme Responsible for “Healthy Obesity”

The researchers gathered clues about why some people who are obese don’t developed disease; especially type 2 diabetes by examining genetically modified mice.


Xin Guo, a Ph.D. candidate at Texas A&M’s department of nutrition and food sciences said in a media release, “Previous research had indicated that a regulatory enzyme which is encoded by the gene PFKFB3 protects against diet-induced fat tissue inflammation and systemic insulin resistance.


Increasing evidence shows that fat deposition, or amount, is not directly associated with the inflammation or insulin resistance in the development of obesity-related metabolic diseases.”


To continue reading this article, click here.

11 Powerfoods on a Budget



Learn about 11 tasty, affordable foods that are good for

your body and your blood sugar!


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