Pump It Up! (Me and my new little friend)

by mratner

Yesterday, the Omnipod, my new insulin pump, was attached and activated for the first time. Already I am impressed with this little bugger. It has a built-in glucometer (which uses Freestyle test strips), automatically calculates insulin-on-board, suggests bolus amounts considering IOB, BGL, carb count, and time of day once ratios/schedules are inputted. It keeps a 90 day history of all BG readings, holds up to 200 units of insulin, and is completely customizable. The company sets you up with a trainer to teach you how to use it and help you activate it correctly. Activation is user friendly and, at least where I attached it on my arm, completely painless. I highly recommend checking into it to any IDD’s out there. For the first time since I was diagnosed LADA, I didn’t have to give myself a shot today.

Check out the Omnipod today!