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Month: February, 2013

I Got A Good Laugh Out Of This…

Diabetes Terms of Endearment


Whose Diabetes Is This Anyway?

Sometimes the concern that people have for my well-being is exhibited through incessantly asking me about my blood sugar. While I understand that this comes from a place of love and compassion, I still can’t help but be annoyed by it most of the time. Managing Type 1 Diabetes is the most stressful thing in my life and to me, people constantly wanting to know “my numbers” and then asking a string of diabetes history questions is an unnecessary reminder during quiet moments that I have it. I constantly know it’s there. Sometimes I have moments, or several of them, when I become so focused on the present that I almost forget that I have Diabetes. And that is inevitably when someone texts, calls, messages, or walks in the room and wants a status update like it’s their Diabetes.

 <— Yeah, it’s kinda like this.

I know it seems like a harsh response to a question that is rooted in compassion but I can’t help it. I don’t mind talking about Diabetes. I don’t even mind talking about MY Diabetes. But please let me be the one to decide what information gets randomly shared and which doesn’t.




This can be found at the Child Health Site Store

T1 Video Blogs at the Diabetes Awareness Site

For us Type 1-ers, a collection of video blogs that we can relate to.

A Little Diabetic Humor…Come On, If We Don’t Laugh, Who Will?

The Best Thing About Being A Diabetic Used To Be Gettin’ Down, And Then Gettin’ High (har har har)

One of the best things I have experienced with insulin pump therapy is how much tighter my numbers are becoming. It wasn’t unusual, was entirely common in fact, to have a range of 200-250 points in one day. A low of 47 followed by a rebound high of 295. The up and down swing made me feel like I had just had my ass handed to me at a bar brawl. Fatigue, moodiness, chills, sweats, frustration, depression. What a pain in the ass, right? No more, my friends. The range has closed in to about 100-110 and this is after only 9 days on the pump. And most of my out-of-range numbers are lows so me, my endo, and my pump therapy trainer are working on adjustments to fix that.

I’m finding myself waking more rested (actually sleeping through the night is great!), of a more stable mood, more relaxed, less anxious, and just generally happier. The fatigue is going away, there are less nighttime runs to the loo to pee, and my body aches are going away. I cannot say enough good things about how this is going. If you are a T1, and considering pump therapy, please talk with your doctor about it. It really is a remarkable piece of medical technology that has already provided me more freedom, tighter blood sugar control, and more peace of mind.

Have questions? Please feel free to comment or email at mratner79 at gmail dot com.

Good information on how YOU manage YOUR DIABETES!

Abbot and Insulet, Sitting in a Tree, D. I. A. B. E. T. E….


Freestyle test strips. These work with the Omnipod PDM.

Omnipod and PDM. Truly one of the most remarkable developments in medical technology.

HAHAHAHA!! Oh, I wish. It’s a much better story than “My pancreas was attacked by my body…”


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