It’s Raining Cats & (Diabetic) Dogs!

by mratner


On Wednesday, a new member was added to our family. His name is Rocky. He is a 6 year old Chihuahua mix. He was turned in to the shelter after being found emaciated and covered in open sores. And on top of that, he’s diabetic. He spent 5 months at the shelter being cared for. Rocky and I hit it off right away. Maybe it’s because we’re both insulin dependent diabetics. Maybe it’s because he have both been on the receiving end of abuse in the past. Maybe it’s because we use the same type of insulin. Whatever it was, it’s been wonderful having him in our home. He gets along well with my other Chi-mix (11 of the fiercest pounds you’ll ever meet) and is right at home.

The link above will take you to Rocky’s story.